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Trending Waterfall Bathroom Faucets

When it comes to the waterfall faucet, there has been a flourish of creativity where design meets functionality. MaestroBath’s Aqua faucet is superb example of the waterfall faucet, the open-top spout is enhanced to spill water similar to a waterfall. The overall design of the waterfall faucet is nature-inspired, as it is reflects a place where water flows over a vertical drop into the sink basin. The waterfall design evokes a sense of tranquility and peace from within, something we are all captivated by. Water is known as one of the elements that expands our creativity and calms the senses.
The beauty of the waterfall faucet is not only captured in the engineering of the architectural design, but in the high quality finishes it is offered in. Color plays a major role in completing the beautification of the design. The Aqua has many designer inspired colors that will simply bring pure elegance and sophistication to your design. The cutting edge lever handle for control temperature is designed with modern refinement in mind. Also, you can either select a deck- mount or wall mount design for your waterfall faucet. Both of these options are shown below, and will have the same beautiful waterfall effect.
Trending Deckmount Waterfall Bathroom FaucetTrending Deckmount Waterfall Bathroom Faucet
Trending Wallmount Waterfall Bathroom FaucetTrending Wallmount Waterfall Bathroom Faucet
When you think of the waterfall faucet you think of the fanciful design and not so much the practicality. However, there are benefits through the Aqua's water projection control, by controlling pressure of water valves. By doing so, we reduce water waste and accomplish tasks using the least amount of water as possible. The waterfall faucet design is ideal for most vessel-sink applications, as the splashing effect is minimized through the advanced technology of the water spill. To get the most impressive effect, we recommend installing the waterfall off center from the drain. The relaxing sound and sensation of your waterfall faucet will move you to another dimension. Things that were just ordinary everyday actions will become a time of peace and enjoyment. It's through the senses we find our sense of stillness and having a home comprised of these elements will surely bring you into a state of bliss.