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Spa Lux Bath

This world is face paced and ultra demanding, which can make it impossible to keep up with. Life is good and can be even better. As we would never want to switch places with our ancestors, we still yearn for a slower time and space, with harmony and tranquility.

Jet setting and unwinding at a luxury spa-oasis that only one can imagine. But if it can be imagined it can be created. The underlying question is, how can one create a sanctuary that will melt away your tension and worries giving you the time to enjoy your life?

When it comes to designing the ultimate bathroom oasis, the environment should be peaceful, luxurious and stylish, similar to a spa. This is the reason so many people are now spending so much time and money, to create such a sanctuary in their own personal space.

Here is a guide to help you incorporate some of the wonderful materials to include in your luxury spa oasis.

Your sanctuary, must feel natural and you will accomplish this feeling of authenticity by using different materials throughout. I would start with your color palette and decide if you are looking for a light and airy feeling with soft colors and medium-dark accents. Or if you'd like to be a little more sexy and sensual, the use of darker colors with medium to light accents sets the mood throughout.

Next, is selecting the type of flooring and there are so many different options to choose from. I recommend using a natural looking tile or stone material. Personally, I like wood flooring, as it makes for a much warmer feeling, but there is also wood looking tile available in the market. If you do select the tile or stone flooring, don't forget to incorporate the radiant heat floors to keep the warmth flowing throughout your body during your spa experience.

Following, is selecting the glorious accents-the eye candy of the bathroom which are the plumbing fixtures. I highly suggest using handmade stone vessel-sinks with single hole faucets or wall faucets; a soaker tub made of stone or a Jacuzzi tub will do. Don't forget the steam shower with a large rain head and wall water features. You will feel as if you are in some exotic rainforest.

Last, and very important is the lighting of your sanctuary. It must have mood lighting, which is a variety of accent lighting it can be: wall sconces, chandelier, or a built-in fireplace. Candles are the quintessential accessory for your the your luxury spa oasis, as they not only give off natural glow; but incorporating exotic scents of beautiful lavender leaves or eucalyptus are just a couple of my favorite scents that will invigorate your senses.

Now, you can have the best of both worlds at your fingertips. You will feel refreshed, alive and ready to thrive.