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The 7 Step Process for Choosing a Vessel Sink Faucet

Discover a simple 7 step process to help you choose the next sink faucet in your bathroom.

1. Where should I begin?
2. What should I know about installation?
3. Should I choose one or two handles?
4. Information about the inside of the faucet.
5. Choosing the right materials, colors and finishes to make it my style.
6. What are the current bathroom sink faucet trends?
7. What else do I need to think about?

1. Where Should I Begin

a) The first thing to do is take your existing space into account. It is very important to find out the correct depth of your sink in order to choose the right spout height that is appropriate for your faucet. If the spout height of the faucet is low, then a shallow sink is the best option since it will not splash. Just make sure that there is enough distance between the sink basin and the spout so that your hands can fit between them comfortably. A tall faucet will require a vessel sink as long as the spout height is more than 9 inches. No matter what, make sure that you choose a faucet that is compatible with your current sink style.

b) Are there faucet holes in the available countertop, sink or vanity? If they are available, then itís important to choose the right faucet with similar spatial needs. This will make the sink faucet installation a lot easier to accomplish.

c) For a complete remodeling, make sure to purchase the sink and faucet at the same time. It will make it much easier to choose a faucet that is compatible with your new sink.

d) Consider the needs of the people using the sink when choosing your faucet (children, the elderly, etc.)

2. What Should I Know about Installation?

a) Wall-mounted faucets: this type of faucet will work perfectly with any style of sink, but they are especially effective with vessel sinks. You can mount this anywhere on the wall, as the name suggests, which allows for much greater customization. It will also make it easier for you to select the right sink based on your needs. Depending on the particular style that you choose, wall-mounted faucets are available in single-hole, two-hole and widespread installations

b) Single-hole faucets: the single-hole style faucet is something that weíre starting to see more and more in modern bathrooms of today. Installing this type of faucet is simple and sleek, since the one hole makes it easy to mount and install. Everything is centrally located and kept neat, simply because of the way the handles on the body of the faucet are designed.

c) Widespread: you can get a widespread faucet in wall-mounted form or deck-mounted form, depending on which style you prefer. Typically, this type of faucet is installed with an eight inch spread and it will normally have three holes. You are granted some measure of customization when installing a widespread faucet because of the specific design type.

d)Centerset: this faucet type is the most common found in a traditional bathroom. So, you will typically find more traditional styles with a centerset faucet. This might be the best faucet if your countertop or vanity already has one hole, but you do not want those dimensions to confine you.

3. Should I Choose One or Two Handles?
a) Many people often become overwhelmed when choosing their handles since there are so many different options currently available. Please keep in mind that the most important thing to consider is the people that will be using this particular faucet. Will it need a specific ergonomic design because elderly people will be using it? Are children going to use this faucet? Think about the occupants using the faucet and then find the right type of handle that will make it easy for these individuals to grip and pivot that particular handle style.
b)Faucet handles are available in several different shapes or styles. Please consider whether you want spokes, joystick handles, single lever handles or other types.

4. Information about the inside of the Faucet

Whether you know it or not, faucet valves are typically made of brass on the inside. As far as the cartridge is concerned, it usually fits snugly within the brass valve and it comes in the form of a ball, a ceramic disk or a compression. Further information about the cartridges includes:

a) The ceramic disk cartridge, out of all of the available options, is the one that often lasts the longest and it is the most popular. In fact, it has become so popular that it is difficult to find other options available on the market at this time.

b) Other available cartridges will typically have plastic parts or washers that break easily and have a tendency to leak. Ceramic disk cartridges, on the other hand, will only leak if the water line is filled with sand.

5. Choosing the Right Materials, Colors and Finishes to Make It My Style

Finishes include:
a)The least expensive option, and the most timeless, is polished chrome. The polished finish is generally elegant looking in style, but it will often show spots.

b) Brushed finishes, on the other hand, have a tendency to hide spots better once they are polished.

c) Look closely at existing finishes in your shower as well as with other bathroom accessories. You want your sink faucet to be coordinated with the other finishes in order to have a consistent look throughout the bathroom.

d) Be bold with your sink faucet finishes. To add extra pop in your bathroom, do not be afraid to choose bright colors like blue, pink, red and green.

e) Other finishes: matte, bronze, oil rubbed bronze, brushed brass and gold.

Materials include: a) Stainless steel and brass are typically the most durable, and many people find them to be the most beautiful.

6. What Are the Current Bathroom Sink Faucet Trends?

a) Some current trends include: matte or gold, led lighting built in to the faucet, touchless faucet, sensor faucets, eco-friendly faucets.

7. What Else Do I Need to Think about?

a) Faucet safety features: pay close attention to the available faucet safety features. Some of available features include temperature cap out and cold start.

b) Digital faucets/touchless faucets: this faucet type is available with a sensor, and itís most often found in commercial bathrooms. But the truth is that it is an excellent fit in any type of bathroom, whether private or commercial.

c) Faucet spray types: depending on your needs, there are many spray types currently available. Some provide a powerful spray, while other faucets offer a more gentle spray. Keep this in mind when choosing a faucet for your bathroom sink.

Bathroom Vanity vs. Stand

Along with the kitchen, the bathroom is one of the most frequently used and abused rooms in a house. Within the walls of the restful lavatory, you clean off the hard work of the day, take care of essential grooming like brushing your teeth or hair, and even find a place to take solace from the hassles of life. For such an important room, it is vital that care is taken to turn your bathroom into a place that comforts you and your loved ones in both body and soul. Changing out the toilet, bathtub, or tiling can be both cost and labor intensive, but swapping out the vanity is a relatively simple process that needs just a few tools and the replacement piece. Doing so can dramatically improve the feel of the room and leave it as a place where you can rest away from the world.

A Sturdy Mount

A bathroom vanity is considered the basin for the sink, nearby storage, and additional accessories like the mirror. They are typically made from wood with ceramic surfaces used for the sink, although full ceramics, metals, and other material compositions are used. There are also far more designs available than a cursory glance through a local home improvement store would have you think. The trim of the vanity and mirror can entirely tilt the personality of the bathroom by itself. You might see a sink in the shape of a dolphin, or the mirror's mount could be crafted from iron that has been wrought into a warped cage. The digital revolution has also been applied to the bathroom shelving. LED lights and a few microchips can place a heads-up display in your mirror that lets you know information like the time and weather, handy bits of data to have while deciding how fast you need to get ready and what you should wear after cleaning up yourself.

Take a Stand

A bathroom sink stand is usually a narrow, tall structure that has more limited storage or excess space in the nearby area than a vanity. Stands represent a more versatile and adjustable option for your bathroom surface and storage. Installing a stand is as simple as placing it where you want it to go, and moving it around to a new place or taking it out of the bathroom entirely are easy when a new aesthetic calls for it. The major disadvantage of stands over mounted vanities is their slightly less stable structure; they can still handle the typical tribulations of the bathroom, but it's something to consider if you have excessively rowdy children who will be using it. Like vanities, stands can come in a wide variety of designs and materials that range from the simple ceramic stand and bowl to flamboyant and gaudy incarnations that are gilded and filigreed. The minimalistic approach of stands does lend itself well to nondescript options, but there is no reason the stand can't loudly proclaim itself in the decor of your bathroom. The Allure of Serenity Whether you want to add a stand for extra storage or replace an old vanity that clashes with your current vision of a perfect restroom, taking the time to consider every aspect of your bathroom's appearance - including the sink - can turn it into a bastion of self-reflection and cleansing that wipes your mind clear as much as you do your body while inside it. Seek out the perfect bathroom vanity or stand to complement the aura within or to make every room in the house that much more appealing to a prospective buyer or renter.