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MaestroBath Luxury Bathroom Sinks

MaestroBath offers the widest selection of bathroom fixtures with one focus in mind - Luxury. Craftsmanship, quality, and elegance is what MaestroBath specializes in. Our collection of handcrafted Italian luxury bathroom sinks have always been the center piece of the most luxurious real estates, mansions, and hotels not only in the united states, but around the world.
Our handmade luxury bathroom sinks come to life by the skillful hands of master artisans and experts - each is a sculptural masterpiece majestically formed into an elegant work of art. Artisan expertise brings delicate finishing details and final touches to all of our bathroom washbasins. In addition to artistic craftsmanship, quality is what MaestroBath alway strive for. Our high-end bathroom sinks are made of the highest quality crystal, glass and resin materials which make them resistance to corrosion, tuberculation and deposits. Our designer bathroom sinks are long lasting, highly durable and are built to last a life time.