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The Need for a Mounting Ring.

Do you have an eye for detail? Do you just think that of what it would take to have the last finishing touch? Do you consider all possible reasons for the use of your products? Then, you may be exploring the reasons you would need a mounting ring for your vessel sink.
Not all MaestroBath vessel sinks require a mounting ring, but there are those particular collections, that do and they are as follows: Atelier Florence Glass Collection, Murano Glass Collection, and the Cristallo De' Medici Collection. As you can see, these vessel-sinks are made with the utmost refined materials and will need to showcased with the finest details in mind.
Let's just start with the saying "the difference is in the details", especially for interior design. The mounting ring is the exact detail that gives your vessel sink its presence, kind of like a queen sitting on her throne. This exquisite mounting ring can tie in the hardware finishes seamlessly, creating a rich finished look. Let's view it as if the mounting ring were the finest clasp on your piece of estate jewelry. As you can see from the picture shown below, it's a necessity.
Gold Mounting Ring for Vessel SinksGold Mounting Ring for Vessel Sinks
Are you meticulous when it comes to having a clean space? Are you someone who wants to clean every nook and cranny? Then you will want to definitely use a mounting ring with your vessel-sink. The mounting ring, provides a clean break between the countertop and the vessel sink and allows access for cleaning under the vessel. This is highly recommended for sanitary reasons, as well as the finished look that I mentioned above.

In looking at the small picture, we can sometimes miss the very important details, but if we take a step back and envision the entirety of the design, we will see that each and every extra detail makes up the masterpiece.